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We Want to Help Build Your Empire

We’re tired of agencies outsourcing their client’s content to foreign writers for pennies on the dollar, publishing low quality work, and calling it content marketing. Our vision for content exceeds managing blogs for clients. We know that real value comes from creating content that connects customers, industry leaders, and search engines. That’s why we focus on producing content that has the ability to show up on Forbes, Inc., and other major sites as well as setting engagement on fire. Our content regularly increases traffic, leads, conversions, engagement, and exposure throughout the web.

You may wonder if we focus on keywords and back links like most agencies? The truth is, we don’t have to. Those types of practices help pacify people to make them feel like they’re doing something strategic, but at the end of the day great content transcends keywords and receives back links without having to make concerted efforts. You see, your content isn’t just content to us.  We see your content as a vehicle to build your empire. If you want someone to simply ‘manage’ your blog hire the agency down the street; but if you want someone who truly wants to grow your company let’s get in touch!


build empire

Why Content Marketing is Important to Your Business

Content Marketing is the new SEO

Content marketing is one of the most effective online methods to increase engagement, exposure, traffic, leads, and conversions. Year-over-year growth in unique site traffic is 7.8x higher for content marketing leaders compared to followers (19.7% vs 2.5%).

Increase Exposure and Leads

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads. Our content marketing strategies are designed to help grow your company’s traffic and leads with lightening speed.

Become the Source Others Cite

It’s estimated that 27 million pieces of content are shared each day. Our team creates content and data that helps your brand become the authority within your industry. We’ll produce the right content and data that gets shared over and over again.

Our Revolutionary Products

Choose between content and video marketing.
Can’t choose? You can have both!

Ghost Writing Services

The Benefits of Ghost Writing

Build your authorship and credibility. You own any ghost articles written on you or your company’s behalf. Any and all social engagement, links, and exposure are directly linked to you or your company. You get to be Shakespeare without having to write like Shakespeare.

Increase traffic and exposure. Our ghost articles are top shelf quality. Our writers know how to write for success. Confidently publish articles knowing they will receive engagement and traffic from your community.

Receive high quality content without the headache. Our ghost writers are professional writers who only produce top quality work. You won’t have to worry about editing or reformatting any of our posts because they’ve been thoroughly vetted for quality to meet our high standards.

Spend more time focusing on what you love. Writing and researching are time consuming. Think of it this way, you get to reap without having to sow or tend. This gives you time to focus on other ways to grow your business and bottom line.

Video Marketing

Video is One of the Most Powerful Marketing Tools

Google gives more weight to videos because they are harder to make, more information dense, and fewer made. In other words when Google crawls a page with a video on it, they tend to give that page more weight and credit. By 2016, it’s expected that there will be 1.5 billion video users online (Cisco).

Video isn’t used correctly by many marketers in today’s online world. You see most online marketers either ignore video because it can be expensive or they pour massive budgets into creating ‘viral’ videos. The truth is most online marketers miss the mark with video because they fail to see the bigger picture. Videos should be synergistic with your content strategy.

Here are some statistics you can’t ignore:

Number of online consumers who trust video ads: 36%
Number of consumers who say video helps make purchase decisions: 90%
Number of users who are more likely to buy a product after watching a video: 64%
Number of small businesses who 'plan' to post a video this year: 22%

Our Four Step Process


The Brief

We’ll sit down and talk with you to discuss your goals and objectives. In addition, we’ll discuss what content types will be most effective to reach your company’s goals and objectives.

The Research

We’ll assign a team of our finest writers and marketers to your campaign. Your newly assigned team will research your company, industry and competitors for an initial 10-days. This will provide the foundation to your new campaign.

The Publishing

Publishing will commence directly proceeding extensive research. Top quality content will hit the Internet on behalf of your company to start a firestorm of traffic, engagement, and leads.

The Results

Content marketing becomes effective when you measure its results. We’ll dive into the analytics of your content pieces to better understand their impact on your overall strategy. We will also audit our process to maximize efficiency.

Our Content Marketing Suite of Services

Every piece of content is custom made from
the highest quality writers in the industry.

Blog Articles

We don’t cut corners with content. We’ll create highly targeted and engaging content that continually increases traffic and exposure for your company.

Guest Blogging

We’ll identify high-level sites and publish guest articles on behalf of your company. Our dedicated team will work strategically to create lasting partnerships that yield high returns.


Slideshares are a great social presentation tool. Have our writers create a premium slidsehare deck to increase engagement, exposure, and traffic for your company.


We’ll help you package your existing content into a powerful eBook or create one from scratch. Your eBook will then be published in all the right places.


Infographics are more popular than ever and better yet they’re extremely ‘shareable’. Our talented design and content team will craft powerful infographics that engage people with your brand.


Search engines love great content from users. Our team seeks out and interviews experts within your industry and then publishes the interview.

Press Releases

Press releases are an incredible way to disseminate important information about your company, industry, and news. Our experts know how to write press releases that get the attention they deserve.

Custom Videos

Few content pieces are as powerful as video. In fact video is reportedly 53 times more likely to garner page one rankings than plain text posts.

Evergreen Content

We design evergreen content as a selling tool. Evergreen content is different from blog articles because it is not time sensitive and tends to be more in-depth.

Social Media Content

Social content is a no-brainer, but often missed. We use social media content (Google +, Facebook, etc.) to start conversations, engage, and instruct your community.

Polls and Surveys

People easily digest data when it’s presented in a meaningful way. We’ll help you become the source that other companies in your industry cite.


We make news fun, interesting, and engaging. Have our dedicated team report what’s going on in your industry with lightening speed

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It’s estimated that one video is equal to 1.8 million words.